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District 15 Legislative Town Hall

Montgomery County Democratic Party

Sunday, Jan. 5 from 2 to 4 pm
Waters Landing Community Center
20000 Father Hurley Blvd. Germantown

Please come to our Town Hall as the new 2020 Legislative Session begins. You will have a chance to let your Representatives know what issues matter to you the most. To sign up, please go to Town Hall Signup

Voters Needed - help others register and vote

Precinct Official Spotlight

Ginger Macomber, Lisa Kenigsberg and Lori Marks

We highlight our exceptional Precinct Officials at Wayside Elementary School in District 15. Ginger Macomber, Lisa Kenigsberg and Lori Marks were quite sophisticated in their efforts to canvass their neighborhood.
Kudos for the team for their hard work and good planning!

Jay Guan

D15 would like to highlight our outstanding precinct official Jay Guan, Chair at Wilson Wims Elementary School in Clarksburg. Jay set up a letter writing party at the Clarksburg Village Clubhouse. This attracted a large number of participants from this upcounty area which is in the process of becoming more active. Last spring, Jay suggested holding a forum on transportation, which is a major issue in many upcounty neighborhoods. As a result, Delegate Fraser-Hidalgo organized a Traffic Forum in Germantown in October, which was a huge success!!! Because of Jay, Democracy is at work.

All of the following precinct official positions in District 15 are VACANT!

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Our State Legistators

Brian Feldman
Kathleen Dumais
David Fraser-Hildago
Lily Qi

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